About Me

Hello :)

Amira here. I’m a full stack software engineer, basking in the glow of Silicon Valley, home to the country’s top tech companies and rapidly rising startups. Currently I’m an aspiring aerialist, a religious runner, a skier, a rock climber, and a lover of collecting new experiences. Some of my guilty pleasures include reading Young Adult novels and baking at midnight.

I work at Eventbrite as a senior software engineer / tech lead. Last year I was part of a revolutionary effort to completely remake our event page, transforming it from an old page stuck in the 90s, to a beautiful modern mobile-friendly page. More recently I’ve been working on converting our Django backend towards a service oriented architecture, and I also worked on the order management page for our wristband fulfillment events (my first exposure to React!). Now we are building purchase widgets, a fully fledged React-Redux application that organizers can embed on their websites to complete the purchase flow for an event from start to finish, without ever leaving their page. My main passion is for building features that traverse the entire stack, from the very front (perhaps just short of CSS) to the very back.

My background is not your traditional CS path–I majored at Stanford in English and minored in Education–but once I realized I had a passion for problem solving, efficiency, and writing code, I set my eyes on a goal that makes me happy and excited to wake up, every single morning.


Me3 (Me on the right)

Feel free to contact me at amiraanuar [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com or connect with me on Google+.