Applying to Hack Reactor

I think I have literally read every single scrap of online information on Hack Reactor–blogs, quora, twitter feeds–you name it. I’ve looked into other dev bootcamps, but so far Hack Reactor fits all my wants/hopes:

  • Intense and immersive
  • They seem to actually¬†care¬†about their students
  • Emphasis on computer science aspects and software engineering–not just making web apps
  • Loving their curriculum and that they give you a TON of pre-course work
  • They don’t start at the beginning — I don’t want to spend the first two weeks re-learning the basics
  • Generally successful job placement
  • I’m fairly new to Javascript, but so far really enjoying the language!!
  • High quality instructors
  • They’re dedicated to selecting the best, so I would be among and learning from the best :)

The application process has made me realize how impatient I can be when I really really want something. I submitted the online application, which was a pretty fast check of whether I know the Javascript basics, and waited impatiently for 5 days. Apparently you’re supposed to get an automated email response, but I never got it, so I had to email admissions and then they sent me the info for the take-home project. Maybe I completely missed something, but reading some others’ blogs and their struggles with the project made me think it was going to be ridiculously hard… It was a fun little project. I finished it in less than a day and sent it in, and then waited another anxious 5 days for another email with a link to sign up for an interview.

And so here I am, waiting impatiently for the interview date, and studying in my free time. :) My goal is to finish ALL the coderbyte problems (hard included) but I still have about 6 of the Mediums left… and the hards look tough. Fun, but tough.


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