FitRPG: The Gamification of Fitness

An RPG mobile app like no other – get fit and turn your fitness data into skills, experience points, and HP to engage in battles against your friends

Fitness trackers like Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, and Jawbone all work to solve a common problem– motivating users to get fit and stay fit. When I first started using Fitbit, I was inspired by seeing my data every single day. My dashboard was either a blunt reminder that I was not moving very much, or a beautiful screen filled with all the goals I’d accomplished that day. I felt rewarded when I received a badge or passed a fellow Fitbit friend in the rankings. But after a while, the badges were all the same, and I lost motivation to try to surpass my friends.

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Why? Because a fitness tracker is just that–it tracks your fitness, but it doesn’t add any additional features or rewards for motivation. That’s where FitRPG comes in, a mobile app that uses the data from Fitbit and turns it into a fun game that constantly inspires the user to walk more, sleep more, and work out more.

Our team (Amira Anuar, Conor Fennel, and Matt Gutierrez) worked for 2.5 weeks on this Hack Reactor group project. We created an app that allows you to sync your Fitbit and see your steps, sleep, logged workouts, and more become transformed into strength, endurance, HP, dexterity, and other attributes your character can use to battle your friends or go on quests.

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Sleep to revitalize your HP. Log workouts to increase your strength and dexterity. Increase your steps to improve your experience and endurance.  Battle your Fitbit friends to steal their gold. See how you rank against other players in the leaderboard and increase your ranking by battling bosses and leveling up. Go on timed solo quests, which range from walking 5,000 steps to running a marathon. Win gold and experience if you succeed.

To get started, just download the app from the Google Play Store and log in with your Fitbit account. For any further questions, you can view the FAQ here or email our team at iOS version coming soon.

Take fitness to another level, literally.

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  1. Colin
    October 26, 2015 at 11:11 AM

    Is this project open source? If so, where could i find the software?

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