Hack Reactor Week 2 Day 2

Academically speaking, I have never felt more like I belonged somewhere than I do right now.

In high school, I was surrounded by people who would rather play video games and watch tv than do anything intellectually stimulating. In college, I was surrounded by bright Stanford students, but while I love the English language and grammar/syntax, I can’t say I quite fit in with the other English majors. I didn’t really enjoy talking about English literature and the implications of why John Darcy did…something. After that, working at tech start-ups, I was never doing something I really enjoyed..until I decided to make repetitive tasks more efficient with Python ;)

Here, I wake up in the morning, excited to come to Hack Reactor and learn the next thing. I have an endless thirst for knowledge, and a drive that I don’t think will ever fade. I like that I feel as though I can talk to anyone in the room and we’ll have something we both really enjoy talking about. People here are also just as excited and passionate, and everyone is open to learning from you, as well as teaching you. I love the two-way street. Everyone has different backgrounds, so while one person may know a ton about server-client interaction, the other person may know a lot about databases. I am not a fan of pairing, because I like to think through things on my own, but there’s a great benefit from seeing how another person thinks and learning new things.

I’m already becoming a little bit sleep deprived, though. But when I wake up at 6am and can’t go back to sleep because I’ve thought of a way to think through my current programming problem, and want to implement it…well, I see nothing all that wrong with that.

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