iOS Build An App Workshop!

It ironically never occurred to me to try to teach myself how to program mobile apps–considering I work for a mobile app startup. I think initially I thought something like that would have been too advanced for me, but I’m starting to learn that if you think something is too advanced, then you just start at the beginning. :)

At the suggestion/encouragement of my fellow coworker/designer, I’m going to try to learn objective-C so I can help out with the iOS front end of our app! That’s a great plus about start-ups… you can make the job be what you want it to be (as long as it aligns with the company’s goals, of course :P). Am going to go to the Women Who Code SF iOS Build-An-App Workshop with my coworker!

Super excited!!!

Time to learn some Objective-C and peruse their other suggested resources

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