My Projects

I’ve compiled a list of most of the projects I have worked on, with the most recent first.

  • PMXLR8 – This is a custom built project management tool I created with Don Mamaril, Elcin Erkin, and Jimmy Tsao. Our client was a technical project manager at Hack Reactor who was tracking dozens of individual projects using Asana as a CRM, and they approached us to build a tool to automate a lot of work and increase the productivity of their team members. The actual product has secure content that cannot be publicized, but for a simple demo check out the project manager demo and the team member demo.
  • FitRPG – FitRPG is a mobile game that rewards you for your healthy habits. We’ve integrated with the Fitbit API (Jawbone, Google Fit, Garmin, and more, to come!) to extract data from the tracker and transform it into a character that can fight battles and go on quests. Check it out in the Play Store or the App Store. We’re also open source, and continuing to improve upon the game to make it more like an RPG. Check it out.
  • All Roads Lead Back to Philosophy – I wrote MapReduce programs for Hadoop in Python to investigate a myth that if you go to any article on Wikipedia and click the first regular link (i.e. within the actual article body) and keep clicking, then you will eventually end up at the article titled, “Philosophy.” My scripts processed 44 GB of Wikipedia articles in parallel using MPI. We downloaded Wikipedia and parsed the XML and turned each page into a dictionary with all of the article’s links, and then we put our data through MapReduce code that identified if the first link led back to “Philosophy.”. The output was a list of edges that takes an article to philosophy, and if/how article disproves the theory. Result: 90%+ of articles DO lead back!
  • Phase 10 – My version of the popular card game, Phase 10. Disclaimer if you try to play– I only developed the first level. Coded in Javascript when I didn’t really know Javascript. After learning a lot more about the nuances of the language, If I had to do this again, I wouldn’t even bother refactoring the code–I’d just start over. Also, the game is currently a tad buggy and doesn’t go past level one. When I have time, I will finish it! Check out the Github repo here.
  • Baking Bites - This site is my first attempt to build with PHP, HTML/CSS, and Javascript/Ajax. It somewhat echoes Twitter capabilities, but more tailored for the baking community. I love baking, but don’t always have that many ingredients, so I’ve always wished for a website where I could type in all the ingredients I currently have, and it would then spit out a bunch of recipes I could make! This site lets users input their own recipes from scratch, or users can put in a URL from a commonly used baking site (such as AllRecipes, Epicurious, etc.) and the recipe will be parsed and added to the site, for other users to search and find. Try it! Currently only have 100 recipes or so. To improve the site, I would like to write a crawler that crawls the popular recipe websites and extracts that information. Repo here.

I code a lot, so check out my GitHub!